How to comment

How to comment safely on a blog post.
1. Find the right blog post.

2. Scroll down and click on Comments.

3. Look for the heading Say your words.

4. Use your first name or a nick-name. (We keep our full name private on the internet.)
Like this: Joe B or Smiley Joe

5. Use a pretend email, like this. (We keep our real email address private on the internet.)

6. Type a short, polite message. It should have capitals and full stops like all of your writing. If it’s rude, doesn’t make sense or isn’t punctuated well, it won’t make it onto the blog!

7. Click on Submit.

8. Copy the secret code.

9. Your comment won’t go on the blog straight away. The blogmaster has to check it is polite and makes sense, and approve it. Check later!

Happy blogging! Mrs Hewitt